"Down-Home" tales and tales from the hills

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In addition to Irish tales, I also do tales from the hills and "down-home"

Having grown up south of Circleville, Ohio, in the foothill area of the Appalachian Mountains near the Hocking Hills state parks, I heard tales of Johnny Appleseed and the early settlement days from childhood. (If Grandma was to be believed--and she was--some of the apple pies I ate as a child came from apples grown in orchards planted by Mr Chapman himself.)

I am adding to my store of stories right now

I have been working on some of the "Jack" tales. You know Jack--the boy with the beanstalk, Jack the Giant-killer, "Big Man Jack--Seven with One Whack", Jack who is lazy and foolish, but still manages to come out on top more often than not.

The Jack tales came over from Europe and sometimes include non-American animals (lions and unicorns). Jack also tends to deal with a King, another critter seldom seen on these shores.

One of my favorites tells about the time a witch put a curse on a town because the people had forgotten how to treat the stranger at their door. It took an understanding hert to break the curse, and that's where our boy Jack came in....

 I'm also working on some family, "down-home" tales of Uncle Leo and the rest of the clan. Uncle Leo was a serial confabulator.-- that is, he was a constant liar--but he was amusing and got into some curious situations.

Warning: however short or long these tales may be,  they are almost always TALL!

Now is a good time to get that research done...maybe

 With the heat of summer..a seemingly endless summer, at that....HOW soon is Halloween?!?
May your hand be stretched out in friendship but never in want. May your path be smooth and easy and may there be a warm welcome at its end!

Until next time.....

We'll get busy soon...

Just as soon as we quit playing and get a round tuit..