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What's New with My Site?

I do plan to update this page and the website more frequently...but the best plans of mice and men, as the Scots say...Please note that the Wake handouts are now available here on the website--but don't copy them without giving me credit, thank you! I have seen them around the web...

I have also started a section on storytellers--what we are and where we came from. It's an a art with a long history, stretching into pre-history--feel free to check it out!


Michigan Irish Music Festival

We have taken the Wake Tent to Muskegan for 15 years now--always a terrific time! The festival is right on the lake, the sound people apparently still have their low-range hearing (I hate it when they crank the bass!) and the people couldn't be nicer. Check it out here: Michigan Irish Music Festival

Dublin Irish Festival Update

I received my pin for ten years of volunteering with the Festival Cultural Committee in 2011. At the 22th anniversary festival in 2007, we had the largest group of people EVER trying for the world's largest Irish jig--10,036 dancing! Yes, we are in the Guinness book! 2012 was the 25th--fantastic! 2015 and 2015? We've had music from Columbus Comhaltas. 2017? My 18th festival as a storyteller (and Grandpa Lumpy's 17th)!


And now a reminder...

Seamus and the Wake booklet

Seamus may still be available click on the image of the book!(That's Galway Bay, by the way; my husband took that shot back in 2003) However, for a newer copy you can contact me directly. I had it reprinted with a couple minor corrections.

And I self-published a booklet on Irish Wakes entitled "Wake Me When It's Over". That one is available directly from me for $6, which includes shipping (special deal if you order both at once! E-mail me for details)